V&H Inc. Trucks                                                                                                                              

V&H Inc. Trucks is a very satisfied customer of RPM Control Co. and has been incorporating the EDR system for almost 3 years. We use the EDR system on virtually all of our truck-mounted crane assemblies that require engine speed control functions.

It enables us to be more consistent in our wiring procedures and being a sealed unit, it is protected from the elements and from the wiring being altered to ensure safety and quality.

V&H is very pleased with the extremely low failure rate and RPM has an excellent warranty if there is a problem. I would recommend the EDR system from RPM Control Co.

Brian Leick Crane Assembly Manager
V&H Inc. Trucks

Stronco CME                                                                                                                                 
I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that I am extremely pleased with your services and the ER II system. This system has made the remote throttle control, remote starting and stopping of the engine very simple and works well with the installations of our Fassi Cranes, especially with the radio remote systems that accompany the cranes. The EDR II interfaces with the radio remote system and the truck engine easily. This system has allowed us to standardize all of our installations.

Before we started to use your services and the EDR II, we would have to try ourselves to hook up what we could. Then the customer would be responsible for the rest of the installation. Now I simply look to the EDR II system. This system has allowed me to sell my customer a finish-tested product ready for work.

During the time that we have been purchasing the EDR II system we have found the product to be highly reliable and your company good to work with.

Ian Rowe
Shop Foreman
Strongco CME
Burlington, Ontario

To whom it may concern,

We at Strongco CME Longueuil have been using the EDRT system on our national boom trucks for a few years and they have proven to be very reliable. We have had no failures so far. The system is easily and quickly installed. The technical support has been very good. I strongly recommend this product.

Strongco Bryan Ripka
Service Manager
Strongco CME
Montreal, Quebec

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